Portrait of Anne Duquette

Anne Duquette

Program Manager, Mental Wellness Team Supports

Anne has been the Project Coordinator with FPWC since June 2018. Currently her work is primarily focused on FPWC projects that will increase access to comprehensive support services for First Nation Mental Wellness & Crisis Response Teams throughout Canada.  Her first project with FPWC was the coordination of the Mental Wellness Teams  Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) which was completed June 2019.  Anne uses the recommendations from the CNA along with working groups, advisory committees and direction from the board to ensure priority supports for the teams are created, available and delivered. Anne strongly believes on-going engagement and team networking is the key to achieving the relevant supports teams would welcome.

Anne has a Bachelor of Science, Major in Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University and Bachelor of  Education from Nipissing University. Although the majority of her career has been spent in the Financial industry, mostly in management positions, Anne has always had a passion for improving the lives of others and a desire to work in the mental health field.

Anne grew up in Nipissing First Nation and is now living in Dokis First Nation with her husband and two boys. She enjoys family time, fishing (both summer and winter), hunting, hiking, trapping, camping, canoeing and raising chickens.