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The Wellness Teams Comprehensive Needs Assessment, June 2019,[1] initiated by First Peoples Wellness Circle in collaboration with members of Mental Wellness Teams from across Turtle Island, indicated the need to [...]
Knowledge Exchange Events provide Professional Development Offerings where participants engage in learning, sharing, and relationship-building opportunities that aim to expand knowledge and build capacity at an individual and team level. [...]
The “Gathering Our Knowledge Bundles” project will support the First Nations Mental Wellness (FNMW) Workforce by developing a way to gather and mobilize mental wellness resources and tools to enhance [...]
New Brunswick First Nations Mental Wellness Teams (MWT) and FPWC are co-leading and co-developing a training initiative to enhance cultural competency and safety within the New Brunswick mental health system. [...]
Previous work carried out by FPWC with Indigenous partners and School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO), identified the need to support student wellness through the recognition of cultural identity within the [...]
Many Indigenous groups are currently faced with exceptional stressors associated with the COVID crisis, unmarked graves at former Indian Residential School sites, and climate change impacts on communities that are [...]
Following the recovery of mass graves at residential schools across the country, the Resolution Health Support Program (RHSP) working group called for a formative analysis to understand the growing needs [...]
In collaboration with an RHSP working group consisting of representatives from coast to coast to coast, FPWC was tasked to document the work, benefits and impacts of the RHSP by [...]
The contents of the Introduction to First Nations Mental Wellness will be available for use by Mental Wellness Teams across Canada. This resource guide is intended to provide information that [...]
The Mental Wellness Team Toolkit was developed in response to the First Peoples’ Wellness Circle (FPWC) Comprehensive Needs Assessment (2019). Teams asked for easy to use resources that could expand [...]