Gathering Our Knowledge Bundles: Supporting the Development and Mobilization of Community-owned, Self-determined and Culturally Relevant Mental Wellness Tools and Resources

The “Gathering Our Knowledge Bundles” project will support the First Nations Mental Wellness (FNMW) Workforce by developing a way to gather and mobilize mental wellness resources and tools to enhance the capacity of the FNMW Workforce and support those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This project also provides an opportunity to adapt existing resources and develop new ones that will be inclusive, reflective and recognize the distinct identities of the First Nation communities they will be promoted in.

Key aspects of the project will be to:

  • Enhance the capacity, knowledge, and awareness for gathering and mobilizing ‘’Knowledge Bundles’’ among the FNMW Workforce to address mental wellness priorities that will support the promotion of mental wellness in safe, meaningful, and healing ways
  • Increase the accessibility of culturally relevant mental wellness tools and resources focused on self-determined mental wellness priorities that have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Support the FNMW Workforce in reconnecting following the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic and sharing their knowledge and lived experience(s) about mental wellness with each other and their communities
  • Ensure that the project is implemented with a strengths-based, community-driven, Two-Eyed seeing, wholistic approach that is accountable to First Nations people, communities, and the funder.

FPWC will collaborate with a National Advisory Circle and up to 8 Regional Circles to support the development and facilitation of the Knowledge Bundles. Upon completion, each of the Knowledge Bundles will be available for communities from coast to coast to coast to utilize.

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