Knowledge Exchange Events

Knowledge Exchange Events provide Professional Development Offerings where participants engage in learning, sharing, and relationship-building opportunities that aim to expand knowledge and build capacity at an individual and team level. Events are primarily hosted online for First Nations Mental Wellness Workforces (Mental Wellness Teams, Crisis Response Teams, Indian Residential School (IRS) Resolution Health Support Program). These Professional Development Offerings offer insight into identified areas of need or interest informed by Mental Wellness Workforce Feedback through the sharing of wise practices and through connection with expert guest speakers who integrate a two-eyed seeing perspective into providing strengths-based solutions and wisdom to the Mental Wellness Workforce and supporting team members.


FPWC facilitates two types of virtual learning events, which include:


Facilitation of Care Learning Series:

  • Aims to provide a safe learning space to share knowledge to support wellness outcomes for First Nations communities and their members
  • Intended for anyone who provides Mental Wellness support to clients
  • Includes a case study for review, reflection, and discussion


FPWC Learning Circles:

  • Aims to provide subject matter expertise on subject/topics identified by the Mental Wellness Workforce
  • Intended for all members of the First Nations Mental Wellness Workforce


Previously held Knowledge Exchange Events included a focus on:

  • Self-Care Practices
  • Strategies for Supporting First Nations Youth Mental Health
  • Building Helper Safety
  • Expressive Writing for Health Wellness
  • Decolonizing Health Care
  • Two-Eyed Seeing Approaches to Recognizing and Managing Anxiety & Depression
  • Mindfulness
  • Healing from Family Violence


Please click the link below to view previous professional development offering posters:

Knowledge Exchange Events posters