Episode 3 of the pihtikwê podcast: Dr. Carol Hopkins – Culturally Based Means We Start From Culture First

Becky Carpenter

Policy Analyst

Throughout her career, Becky has worked in roles focusing on health equity and social impacts. She started her career as a health professional, providing patient care as a chiropractor before working with the government agency, Ontario Health, as a policy analyst. At Ontario Health, she worked on health equity projects such as improving the inclusion of trans and non-binary people within Ontario’s cancer screening programs.  She also worked on projects focusing on removing cancer screening access barriers for under-served people across Ontario, including remote First Nations communities. Most recently, Becky worked as a Research Assistant at Lakehead University, completing research focusing on Indigenous human-animal relations and how these relationships can support reconciliation and cultural revitalization. Becky has completed Master’s degrees in public policy and archaeology. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering, reading, and exploring new places.