Carol McCorrister

Board Member
(AKA: Ozawa Giniw Ikwe, Nee: Yellow Eagle Woman)

Na dishini kaaz Yellow Eagle Women, Carol McCorrister who is the new SCO MCRT Coordinator since December 6th. I am a member of the Peguis First Nation that’s worked in both social and health services sectors since 1987. I hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the U of Mb and bring to SCO over 30 years’ experience ranging from Addiction Specialist, Case Management, Intake Process, coordinated crisis response and program development & management.

I have worked for southern first nations community agencies, such as: Peguis CFS, West Region CFS, and Southern First Nations Network of Care and most recently SERDC Health. In 2013, I moved to Terrace, B.C., to take a position with Northwest Inter-Nation Family & Community Services, as the Practice Manager for 4 years providing family services and supports for 7 of its member communities for the Haisla, Tsimshian and Tahltan Nations; In 2017, I moved back to Winnipeg, and taking a position with Southeast Resource Development Council in the Health department as Mental Wellness Program Manager, during this period I also served as a Co-Chair on the Manitoba First Nations Wellness Advisory Community. Throughout my career I’ve gained a wealth of experience and skills that will benefit effective services delivery, a collaborative practice and strong partnership with Southern communities, federal and provincial governments, agencies and program services to ensure that SCO First Nations will receive culturally appropriate and sensitive, Trauma Informed Practice services.