Jaisy Coles

Program Support Officer, Mental Wellness Team

Jaisy is a psychology graduate with an additional diploma in Indigenous Wellness & Addiction Prevention. She is currently in the process of gaining a certificate from the Indigenous Canada course offered by the University of Alberta. While born and raised in Ontario, Jaisy has since moved across Canada to experience the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, and is now enjoying coastal life on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Jaisy feels most fulfilled when working in a role that supports others. With previous experience working with children as an Early Intervention Therapist, her passion to make a positive difference has continued to grow and she now wants to direct her focus on promoting mental health and wellness within Indigenous communities.

Jaisy is an avid bird-watcher who loves being out in nature and being around wildlife. Her motivation to move from her home-province stems from the desire to experience new habitats and see new animals. In her spare-time she enjoys reading, hiking, playing her tank drum, and playing with her cats.

Jaisy is thrilled for the opportunity to make a direct impact within Indigenous communities through her work at First Peoples Wellness Circle. Jaisy is looking to apply her current knowledge and skills from her Indigenous studies, while also expanding her knowledge through new experiences within her position.