Episode 3 of the pihtikwê podcast: Dr. Carol Hopkins – Culturally Based Means We Start From Culture First

Podcast Episode 1 – pihtikwê: Visits with First Nations Psychologists

July 2, 2024

This podcast series is developed by the Healing from Trauma and Reducing Addictions group, part of the Ontario Network Environments Indigenous Health Research (ON NEIHR) Program. Situated in 10 sites across Ontario, ON NEIHR is demonstrating how health systems should move away from Western biomedical treatment of Indigenous medical illness to holistic, culturally based interventions instead (which include sacred aspects of healing: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental dimensions). This program is funded by the Government of Canada, through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). This group is led by Dr. Brenda Restoule (First Peoples Wellness Circle), Dr. Holly Graham (University of Saskatchewan), and Dr. Alanaise Ferguson (University of British Columbia-Okanagan).