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National Implementation Coordinator

December 18, 2023

Employment Opportunity:

National Implementation Coordinator


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Main Responsibilities

  • Work with and support the overall implementation of the First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework (FNMWC).
  • Engage with partners across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Work alongside regional coordinators across five regions.
  • Design and execute a collaborative strategy with Thunderbird Partnership Foundation to build and support capacity in the area of mental wellness in the identified regions.
  • Ensure First Peoples Wellness Circle and Thunderbird Partnership Foundation are meeting the needs of their stakeholders in the identified regions.
  • Coordinate and support team meetings by acting as a resource to the Implementation Team and Secretariat.
  • Creation and implementation of communication plans, including website presence, of the FNMWCF.
  • Gather and share information from First Nation and government partners on implementation of the FNMWCF.
  • Support key tasks and committees.
  • Move forward FPWC role in the Secretariat workplan.
  • Provide guidance and oversight on development of resources and tools of FNMWCF.
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