Research, Evaluation,
Policy (REP)

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Our dedicated Research, Evaluation, and Policy (REP) Team at First Peoples Wellness Circle (FPWC) is a dynamic group committed to advancing FPWC’s programs and initiatives by supporting research, assessing program effectiveness, and shaping policies to enhance the mental wellness of First Peoples.


In research, the REP team focuses on the wholistic mental wellness needs and strengths of First Peoples communities and the healing, wellness, and mental wellness barriers they face. By blending the FNMWC Framework with contemporary research methods, FPWC strives to ensure that our work and strategies are founded on research that is culturally relevant and evidence-based.


A critical component of our work, our Evaluation team uses engagement and data-driven insights to ensure FPWC is responsive, effective, and aligned with the mental wellness needs of First Peoples in Canada.


Policy development is another key area of focus for FPWC. The REP team actively collaborates with governmental agencies to influence and shape mental wellness policies that support and uplift the mental wellness of First Peoples.

REP Team

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Despina Papadopoulos, MEd
Director, Strategic Programs and Initiatives

Dr. Emily Kirk, PhD
Principal Researcher

Becky Carpenter
Policy Analyst

Catherine Graham

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