Episode 3 of the pihtikwê podcast: Dr. Carol Hopkins – Culturally Based Means We Start From Culture First

Mental Wellness Team Toolkit

A Resource to Support the Organizational Development of Mental Wellness Teams

The Mental Wellness Team Toolkit was developed in response to the First Peoples Wellness Circle (FPWC) Mental Wellness Teams Comprehensive Needs Assessment (2019). Mental Wellness Teams (MWTs) asked for easy-to-use resources that could expand and change to meet emerging needs.

The Mental Wellness Team Toolkit aims to support the ongoing design, development, implementation, review, and evaluation of Mental Wellness Teams. The toolkit is guided by the First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework (FNMWCF) and was developed to assist Mental Wellness Teams in addressing various considerations. It includes resources and tools to support meaningful implementation.

The development of the Mental Wellness Team Toolkit was guided by a working group of mental wellness team members from coast to coast to coast. Drawing upon their collective expertise, the working group has developed a Toolkit aimed at supporting both newly established and existing Mental Wellness Teams.

This Toolkit explores the following from the perspective of a Mental Wellness Team:

Explore and Engage with Community

  • Journey Through Life Stages
  • Mental Wellness / Crisis Support Team Plan
  • Use of Research, Resources, Promising, and Wise Practices


Design and Develop Programs, Spaces, and Team

  • Spaces and Equipment
  • Circle of Care and Wrap-around Services
  • Partnerships and collaboration

Implement and Coordinate

  • Funding and Financial Management
  • People and Team Management
  • Program Management


Review and Refresh

  • Assessment Tools and Processes
  • Data Collection Tools, Methods, and Analysis