PTSD First Nations Briefing Note

The Public Health Agency of Canada is leading the implementation of the Federal Framework on PTSD Act. The development of the federal framework is intended to address the challenges of recognizing the symptoms and providing timely diagnosis and treatment of PTSD. Specifically, the framework is to be developed in relation to the following priority area:

  • improved tracking of the incidence rate and associated economic and social costs of PTSD;
  • the promotion of the establishment of guidelines regarding o the diagnosis, treatment and management of PTSD
  • the sharing of best practices related to the treatment and management of PTSD; and,
  • the creation and distribution of standardized educational materials related to PTSD, for use by public health care providers, that are designed to increase national awareness about the disorder and enhance its diagnosis, treatment and management.

The Federal Framework on PTSD will primarily focus on workplace-related PTSD. It will also acknowledge and highlight, where appropriate applicability to other non-workplace related trauma, and recognize related mental health conditions sustained as a result of exposure to trauma.

This policy brief is intended to inform the Federal Framework on PTSD and serve as a foundation to ensure that First Nation and Métis perspectives are accurately reflected in the framework.

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